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Todoroki Contributes to Society as a Trading Company that is Specialized in Industrial Technology.

The thing that many of our customers expect of Todoroki is that we will always be anticipating the next step. In short, they look to us for our power of information. In the industial world where systems sophistication and high technology are advancing constantly, “common knowledge” is changing day by day. Todoroki set it as a matter of appropriate policy to always keep a firm grip on these ever changing conditions.
Todoroki doesn’t stop there, but is also shipping products which anticipate the future. The ability to understand future trends is Todoroki’s definite technical strength.
Our founding spirit and our employees maintain their determination to see beyond the realm of what is possible. We at Todoroki Sangyo, strive to satisfy all the demands of our customers.
We will never cease to propose and develop new technologies for our customers.


Company Outline

Company Information
Founded March 1, 1948
Incorporated September 20, 1954
Head Office 3-2-4 Keya, Fukui, Fukui
Tel. (0776) 36-5522
Representative Officer Kaoru Sakai, president
Capital 262,500,000 Yen
Number of Employees 557 (As of July 2019)
Construction Permit Permit Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Permit (Special 21, No.1492) Ministry of Economy,
Trade and Industry Electric Heat Manufacturing Permit,
Plant Name (Toyama) No.17
Member Organizations lnstrumentation and Automatic Controls Association
Kinki Chemical Association
Fukui Prefecture Information
Systems Industry Association

Business Content
Marketing Division lndustrial Measuring Instruments, Electronic control devices, Energy saving industrial devices, Energy conservation devices, Environment related devices, Material handling devices, Water treatment equipment, Research and development devices
Manufacturing Division Measuring Control systems, Research and development devices, Data processing systems, Energy saving machines, Exclusive machine automation systems, Design, Manufacturing
Facilities Construction Division Air conditioning, Water supply and drainage, Sanitary system construction, Electric instrumentation equipment construction, Fire fighting and disaster prevention equipment construction, Construction of various types of plant equipment
Technical Service Division Instrumentation control devices, Maintenance of environment related devices, etc.
Correspondent Banks Fukui Bank Kida Branch
Hokuriku Bank Fukui Branch
Mizuho Bank Fukui Branch
Affiliated Companies Todoroki Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Nagao Sangyou, Ltd.

Environmental Management System

ISO14001 certified
Registered Offices Head office and all branches
Applicable Standards ISO14001:2015 (JISQ14001:2015)
Scope of Application Industrial instrumentation, hydraulic/pneumatic industrial machinery and other labor-saving and energy saving equipment, sales of environmental measuring devices and chemical synthesis machine, automatic prepared liquid equipment and other labor-saving device, design and manufacture of instrumentation and industrial equipment monitoring systems, maintain environmental measurement equipment and construction work and plumbing of emergency management and health facility(Some establishments do not apply all of these activities).
Certification Body ASR Co.,Ltd
Acquired Date Updated at July 31, 2018
Examining Authority /
Certification Authority
Certificate of Registrations

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