Principles and Policies

The Foundation of Todoroki is People

There are people who manufacture products.
There are people who use those products.
In between, there are people standing who seek to benefit both the manufacturers and the users.
What if all these people had extremely close ties between them?

The concept that “People are the Foundation” is our fundamental spirit that we have preserved in the fifty plus years since Todoroki Sangyo was founded.

3 gears of Todoroki

The Three Gears

The three gears which we have adopted as our company symbol are depicted in a state of close engagement representing the intimate relationship of Customers, Suppliers and Todoroki. There is not the least bit of strain between these three parties. They are in harmony and they prosper together. This mark is the symbol of our company’s concept in which Todoroki serves as the master gear, making all parties beneficiaries.

Business Operations Concept

Todoroki Sangyo has placed its top priority on the development of people through business activities. It is our objective to serve society as a trading company which specializes in industrial technology.

Company Slogan

“We all receive from each other, We work to improve personal quality, and to create and refine knowledge and technology, and thus contribute to society for the benefit of all people. ”

Management Policy
  1. A sound company takes precedence over all else. Our management concept is always based on moral beliefs and a spirit of rationality.
  2. We strive to utilize the capital, equipments, and technologies which are in our possession to the maximum extent, with the expectation of maximizing the investment effect.
  3. In reflecting upon the importance of companies in today’s society, we recognize the importance of our responsibilities as administrators. We always study how to be better administrators and strive to put this into practice.
  4. We sense our duty as a member of the marketing industry as we strive to reform and improve the life of society and contribute to the promotion of social culture.
  5. It is a rare achievement to obtain harmonious and friendly cooperation of all the personnel in a company. Therefore, we should make it our aim to obtain the sincere devotion of all our employees and work diligently with harmonious cooperation in the fulfillment of our business affairs.

1500 Years ago…

The company name Todoroki comes from the Emperor Keitai, who is enshrined on Mt.Asuwa right next to the company head office. In about the year AD 500, when the emperor was still Prince Otono, the prince was involved in a number of enterprises such as the start of Okamotogoka papermaking, Kawada lacquer ware, discovery of the Shakudani Stone near Mt.Asuwa, flood control works in the Echizen Sansen region, etc. One autumn, Prince Otono was made joyful viewing the reflected moon in a well at Okamoto Village. After that, the name of that well, “Todoroi,” spread throughout society. The president of Todoroki comes from this place called Todoroi. It is amazing that the Todoroki headquarters was built at the foot of Mt.Asuwa.

The 26th Emperor, Keitai
The 26th Emperor, Keitai

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